Heatwave in the Bay Area

Dear CVUSD Families:

The heatwave in the Bay Area this week has sparked numerous questions regarding air conditioning units at school sites in Castro Valley. We wanted to share with you the following information. 

As part of Measure G work, Castro Valley Unified School District has developed a plan to install air conditioning in all classrooms and other educational support spaces. To date, the District has completed installation of air conditioning upgrade at Castro Valley Elementary, Chabot Elementary, and Jensen Ranch Elementary. The schools with partial completion are Canyon Middle School, Creekside Middle School, and Castro Valley High School.  Considering the age of our schools, an electrical infrastructure update is needed to support the added air conditioning power loads on our system. Expedited planning, engineering and design of heating and air conditioning systems for all classrooms and other approved spaces is underway by working with the Division of State Architect (DSA) and PG&E to fast track this process. For additional information specific to your school, please refer to the Measure G website.

As temperatures continue to be high, please help us keep your children as cool and comfortable as possible while they're at school. Please make sure to:

  1. If possible, pack a reusable water bottle/thermos for your child to use throughout the day. Ensure it comes to school full, and talk with your child about the importance of remaining hydrated.

  2. Send your child to school wearing light and breathable clothing.

Schools are taking the following steps:

  1. Having extra water available for students during recess and lunch;

  2. Prompting students to remain hydrated and refill their water bottles/thermoses during lunch;

  3. Ensuring all non-AC classrooms have fans;

  4. Setting up tents for extra shade during outdoor activities;

  5. Scheduling low-action activities during PE; and 

  6. Training staff on signs of over overheating and actions to take if a child is exhibiting these signs.

Temperatures are expected to decrease, but please keep these actions in mind as temperatures rise during the end of summer/beginning of fall.

We truly appreciate your patience.